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Speech is Silver, Silence is Golden—The Eloquence of Deaf-Hearing Relationships

The everyday challenges of communication and socialised experiences in Deaf-hearing relationships, their prevalence, the comparison to Deaf-centred/hearing-centred relationships, and my observations on friends in those relationships. Lastly, the lack of research on Deaf-hearing interdependency on intimate relationships other than hearsay and anecdotal evidence such as coping mechanisms and the ease of navigation through unique domesticContinue reading “Speech is Silver, Silence is Golden—The Eloquence of Deaf-Hearing Relationships”

… You Always Come Back to Your Neighbourhood

… Whether you like it or not. But sometimes when you do, you stay—perhaps longer than your intentions. I grew up on the granularly western outskirts of the city. To be specifically, in the Fairfield/Bankstown area. It was where my family had gravitated to following the displacing early-80’s events of the Vietnam War, putting upContinue reading “… You Always Come Back to Your Neighbourhood”

A Life Half Spent in Silence is a Life Fully Lived*

*Updated from original blog on Squarespace, Dec 4th 2013 I was born to one part of the world. I chose to be part of another. Wolverine, X-Men comics Most people I meet are drawn to me for the simple fact that I exhibit a hearing disability. Their reactions have extended from awed, inquisitive, interested, over-enthusedContinue reading “A Life Half Spent in Silence is a Life Fully Lived*”

In Broad Strokes From My Birthday Suit

Synopsis: A Deaf Asian Gay Sydney-born male adult projects the identity of ‘normal’ in his journeys to the nude beach scene since late teens, in a coming-of-age struggle to answer the reveal of self(-love), disability, sexuality, relationships and its dichotomy in public/private spaces. He eroticises this normal with a superpowered tinge, social orthodoxy and theContinue reading “In Broad Strokes From My Birthday Suit”

Diversity and Adversity: Changes Afoot During Uncertain Times*

*Extract from the Compliance Quarterly Review newsletter, Sept 2020 (Vol 1. No. 35), edited by Brian Geach website: It all began with a cuppa in a Bankstown pastry café. Observing the passing parade of Vietnamese, Chinese and Lebanese shoppers, my partner Michael wondered out loud, “In the 40 minutes I’ve been sitting here, I’veContinue reading “Diversity and Adversity: Changes Afoot During Uncertain Times*”

Like Lizards

Pillowed in the backyard shade, as cool as the ecosystem underside. Swum across the equator islet, cold and paralysed. Converted out of the desert burrow, as warm as melted snow. Tottered off the jungle embankment, hot and friendless. Exasperating cool heads when hot-blooded For some, it festers. Yielding warm bodies when cold-blooded For others, itContinue reading “Like Lizards”

Diversity Daily Podcast with Michael Turkic

Transcribed by William Le  00:01 Tko To Može Plat (‘Who Can Pay For This?’) Basically, it’s a Croatian phrase that means, in a Western context, that some things or experiences cannot be bought. To appreciate a beautiful sunset as much as a standing ovation for a terrific performance. Hi. Welcome back to the newContinue reading “Diversity Daily Podcast with Michael Turkic”

Brainstorming an Uncertain Future in Kids’ Theatre

The kids are not all right. Brainstorm Productions, a nationwide award-winning initiative promoting immersive learning in education, have had to shutter their productions indefinitely due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Term 1, which comprised of primary and high school shows performing across public schools, independent schools and Catholic schools, saw an abrupt end mid-March, followingContinue reading “Brainstorming an Uncertain Future in Kids’ Theatre”

Fair Day

This year’s theme: “Momentum” I began to give (up) everything at seventeen, it was my first welcome alone daydreaming. It took a gay village to raise one’s notion of what is kind and fair sometimes it took allied courage to be more myself aware. Nothing changes if everything I do doesn’t matter the February sunContinue reading “Fair Day”

The (In)dignity Oasis

A beach, untangled on the edge of a mortar desert, leaves no scars except for idle footprint and paw alike. Beneath the shade of a lifeguard’s lookout, hands of red scramble for every sunset that keeps vanishing. Woven by the West Coast winds on the dunes’ doorstep, we meet again and again; when discreetly illuminated.Continue reading “The (In)dignity Oasis”

The Good Friday Campfire

Under the Milky Way, otherworldly meteoric ships thread through the patchwork black of the waxing gibbous moon Distance—colouring in short, straight lines to an imaginary civilisation we are nowhere. The fire, the other life simmers and cocoons a human laugh dressed in a navy blue puffer jacket and a pair of thongs Camaraderie—mellowing the throatContinue reading “The Good Friday Campfire”

Clarity by the Glove

Out of the pandemic has brought panic Out of the outbreak has brought heartbreak Out of the isolation has brought desolation Out of the lockdown has brought a world turned upside down Out of a tattered economy has brought a new enemy Out of the uncertainty has brought authority Out of solitude has brought gratitudeContinue reading “Clarity by the Glove”


The whip, marked on my back is a bee’s sting, the breath, lighter on my neck is a vampire’s bite. Both pierce with the truth of mankind, but nothing compared to the fortune that I will inflict upon your mind the best form—tortured Still, let us together fathom the wounds that both the punisher andContinue reading “Tortured”


At the end of a long, feel-better walk away from civilisation lies the birth of a new world. In the everyday nightmarish rain, wash the tears away away from wooden skin. The third-leg space between us fear no more the harbour’s orbed lament. Amid the running-away fantasy decompress the ordinary that is the past. AContinue reading “Gifted”

The Gathering Respects: Happy 100th Year Anzac Anniversary

War is the ugly stepsister of accordance In accident, to which we give birth; Tolerate its revisionist countenance; Yet selfishly hold as equally as a reason for self-worth. Amid unfurled addresses, eulogies, processional heartbeats, statistical heroics, cooperative disciplines, spectator and the informed gather in centrifugal belonging alike to usher both a young and old cacophonyContinue reading “The Gathering Respects: Happy 100th Year Anzac Anniversary”

The Gravitation of All Animals

All possibility makes life bearable When you know what to do in the moment, In which you love yourself In its absence— All possibility makes it uncontrollable When others don’t know what to do with you in the next, In which they love their sleep more In its fullness.

The Zenith

Wisps of pink Washes of golden Whispers of violet Into an invariably ashen, foggy, hilly, gem-lit acrylic horizon— Broken by antenna spires; except for a shivering, alone, slowly dying man without home; first-time, redirected-focus tourists— Still, “You’re going to love me even more” declared beware the city to those who take the stairs two atContinue reading “The Zenith”

Orientalism and Kung Fu Masculinities

The relationship between Eastern history and Western modernity expresses its cultural hybridity best in kung fu cinema. Since the 1970’s, the model that masculine agency takes after Western actors like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger compared to Eastern actors like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee has always found a cultural imaginary development in a Chinese-infusedContinue reading “Orientalism and Kung Fu Masculinities”

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same… Or Do They?

That’s Not Who I am: Calling Out and Challenging Stereotypes of Asian Americans (edited summary) Whitney Pow, queer Chinese-American feminist, breaks down the three stereotypes of Asian-American portrayals as: 1) “non-assimilated foreigners”, 2) “inherently predatory”, and 3) those reduced to “cliched occupations.” In further categorical detail, she essays the lament of these portrayals as negativelyContinue reading “The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same… Or Do They?”

Ants Light Up

welcome—the Ferris wheel of engineering if we could touch the slinky clouds, we wouldn’t have spent so much time gazing upwards in search for carnival answers. welcome—in the gentle ride to the top now, now come let us all count those pareidolia shapes we are as far removed from the underground farm as karmic follyContinue reading “Ants Light Up”

Ten-year Friendship Ode

No matter the disarray of distance, Or of our lives’ outpacing In children, in faith and in relevance Always the light between us will remain unblinking. An actor, a visionary— It is the alms to our camaraderie A family man, a missionary— That we will pick it up as if it were yesterday.

The Same Sky

though we sleep in separate rooms, in separate cities, in separate countries, we are connected by the same sky. when you look up, do you wonder if someone else is looking up at the same time? what might he think, what might he feel what might he demonstrate? he may be happy one day; verticalContinue reading “The Same Sky”

Chasing the Fog

Here in the hundreds-year old redwoods forest, A parent tree as durable as Superman Stands blended in, its nearby dearest Stands amid pine-smattered boardwalk terrain. Since glistening dawn, The tree’s waist as thick as a dinosaur Stands as an offshoot spawn While its conifers are as moist as a love-struck roar. “Fear my pain, andContinue reading “Chasing the Fog”

The Visionary Return

As I nervously fly home to you, flying among the pearl-and-rose coloured clouds at 7:30am sun’s clockwork crack for the first time closing the emotional, fractured distance I wonder: what world am I returning to? what home awaits me? “All relationships change— but the good ones stay stronger because of it.” instead of ours movingContinue reading “The Visionary Return”


What blood we release Is not necessarily on the path of justice But the one that is under the most stress Submerge your heart in ice Walk it—and you’ll feel the strain Armour your skin with fire That is, if you aren’t blind to pain It travels along like a piece of barbed wire —Long,Continue reading “Imperviousness”

The Perfect Dream

Do you remember? A ball of giggles, burps and growls Drawn out, carefree, expressive. A wills of sighs, farts and howls Unmatched, comforted, effusive. Will you join me in that perfect dream? The perfect dream… In the sun Among the clouds Like you’re floating Since from the very first day. The perfect dream awaits TheContinue reading “The Perfect Dream”


I see you  I see you  through my constitutional tears. Should our love be once innocent,  it’s a black bolted roar should our ‘ship be dissonant, it’s a light beam ashore. I see you I see you so much of your life ecstatically caught with mine. If I’m caped across the clouds aloft I waitContinue reading “Imperishable”

Nostalgia City

The gecko doesn’t like the rain Do you remember that steely, policed look in your eyes? Bless the crushing of bone beneath your feet. The gecko wishes for an umbrella If I take pride in my bishounen appearance Would you endure me? The gecko whimpers at its displaced tail When I hurt you Is itContinue reading “Nostalgia City”

Six Signs of Sustenance

Reason— A hard heart relies on the strength of another, For strength itself is a rare commodity Unsealed easily by its father With reason inseparable from emotional capacity. Circumnavigation— A hard road requires careful travel, Yet it is no imposition Upon those who walk with reveal Of the stronger love there exists in circumnavigation. Severance—Continue reading “Six Signs of Sustenance”

Born of Two Fathers

Nothing is born of light Only that they are revived By the fathers of lament All good things never end Dark horses travelling along An untethered existence. I don’t care about the people who take my seat Noses ruined by congestion Running onto their saddles Waiting on the corner of empty streets Looking silly, forever.Continue reading “Born of Two Fathers”

1985 Meets 1961

The year I was born Was also the year the Vietnamese star fell An allegorical orphan in a world bewildered and torn My hearing may not ring every temple bell But I heard you—a score and four years apart. I heard you I heard you 1985 meets 1961. Hands on petted hip An innocent fistContinue reading “1985 Meets 1961”

The Upside of Queer (Super)heroes in Media

When it comes to screen presence, if the average queer person had the choice of choosing between an invisibility cloak and a posable, aspirational action figure in 7″ scale on display stands–often the answer, while simple, tends to be rooted in political rhetoric and virtual signalling. Mainstream cinema and television have had a long, shamefulContinue reading “The Upside of Queer (Super)heroes in Media”

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