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The Heartstrings Introspective

International Casting & Creative Management ‘Spinoff’

Highest good is water

As water excels in benefiting

The myriad of creatures

Without contending with them

And settles where none would like to be,

It comes close to the way.

Lao Tzu

In addition to breaking down cultural assumptions about diversity, inclusiveness, equality and disability representation in the media, this is a curated anthology of film, television and arts reviews, pop culture, news, original stories, poems, songs and visual content encompassing William the Ox’s life, relationships, gay culture, travel, society, self-improvement and perhaps sexy men with superpowers (and without).

William the Ox hopes to be a published and self-styled crusader and show-runner for superhero sci-fi fantasy drama, human rights/social issues, philosophy and wish fulfilment. He also is fascinated by sociology and anthropology discourse. Rather unwittingly, he is a casual Buddhist with a firm humanist edge and a panglossian taste for justice. He frequently has dreams of impenetrability, elemental control and flight.

In short, this is about putting – and immortalising – a piece of this Ox online, to share with and explore the world as a treasure, tug at the heartstrings and see what dreams may come.

In dreams begins responsibility.

William Butler Yeats

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